Slice of History project now complete

Photo: E. Lane Gresham © 2021

Arrows now point to milestones on the history timeline for Clarkesville and the United States. 
Clarkesville BSA Troop No. 5 member Joseph McGahee, a Tallulah Falls School freshman, led the research and development for an Eagle Scout project featuring a hemlock tree slice on display at the Old Clarkesville Cemetery. 
The Slice of History exhibit is complete, with a series of metal arrows connecting the rings to essential dates on a history timeline.
The events, spanning 158-159 years, are listed on easy-to-read placards. 
Also included for visitors to the cemetery is information about the tree species. Hemlocks are native to Northeast Georgia; the circa 1831 cemetery trees are thought to be botanical grave markers. 
Historic Clarkesville Cemetery Preservation, Inc. board member Brooks Garcia and local craftsman Buz Stone helped McGahee plan and execute the project. 
Members of Troop No. 5 and scout leaders were also instrumental throughout the process. Donations from local businesses and individuals were also key to the success of the project. 
Garcia signed off on the project on behalf of HCCP, Inc. on Feb. 6. 

Photo: E. Lane Gresham © 2021

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