Georgia Power funds projects at Old Clarkesville Cemetery

Photo: Carson Sprinkle/HCCP, Inc. 
Shown, from left, are Historic Clarkesville Cemetery Preservation, Inc. board members and Georgia Power representatives Diane Brown, Cindy Grace, Jeremy Spradlin, E. Lane Gresham, Kathy Walker, Brent Edwards, Brooks Garcia, Polly Earle, Josh Likins and Carson Sprinkle. 

An infusion of funding from Georgia Power through a Citizens of Georgia Power Legacy Grant makes two high-priority projects at the Old Clarkesville Cemetery possible. 
Via the $9,075 grant, the cemetery will soon have white iron crosses marking more than 250 unmarked graves and a mobile app to guide and educate visitors. 
“We are honored and grateful to Georgia Power for making this funding available to continue fulfilling our mission to restore and preserve this historic landmark,” said E. Lane Gresham, chair of the Historic Clarkesville Cemetery Preservation, Inc. “These two projects mark a significant milestone in our work plan.”
According to Georgia Power Area Manager Brent Edwards, the grant is another way Georgia Power supports community projects. Edwards said these two projects would help the community better understand the importance of the history of Clarkesville and Northeast Georgia. 
“The community support for restoring and preserving the Old Clarkesville Cemetery has been amazing! We are so excited for the opportunity to show our participation and support through the Citizens of Georgia Power Legacy project,” Edwards said. “It’s an honor to support such an important, historical and cultural landmark while living up to our company’s motto as being ‘A Citizen Wherever We Serve.’” 
Edwards said the Citizens of Georgia Power group would help install the crosses. 
For more information about the Old Clarkesville Cemetery, visit

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