Local actors to portray cemetery residents

An upcoming live theater production at the Old Clarkesville Cemetery will feature local actors. 
Bringing to life the stories of the people who lived in long-ago Clarkesville is the aim of the History among the Hemlocks event set for Oct. 29, 30, 31. 
Billed as a “spirited stroll through the Old Clarkesville Cemetery,” organizers invite guests to be entertained as they learn more about area history. 
The tours will last approximately 30 minutes; proceeds from ticket sales and all donations will continue to fund the restoration and preservation work at the Old Clarkesville Cemetery.
Note: This is a walking tour taking place at dusk. Organizers will make every effort to create a safe walking environment, but please be expected to exercise caution navigating the uneven ground. This event is not recommended for children 12-under. 
The cemetery is located just off Jefferson Street, with the entrance arbor accessible on the E. Morgan Street side. Parking is available downtown and at Grace-Calvary Episcopal Church. Tickets are available via www.eventbrite.com. For more information, visit oldclarkesvillecemetery.com. 

Polly Earle of Clarkesville – Victorian-era woman-in-mourning 
Polly Earle of Clarkesville is just getting her second wind. An avid historic preservationist, Earle brings a no-nonsense work ethic to any project. Along with Brooks Garcia, Earle can be found on most warm days up to her elbows in concrete and dirt, working to bring the Old Clarkesville Cemetery back to a sanctuary of respite and solace. She has worked on several historic preservation projects in Northeast Georgia, including a cemetery in the Lavonia area and a historic schoolhouse. She will serve as a docent for visitors to History among the Hemlocks event. 

Brooks Garcia of Demorest – Rev. William Eston Eppes
Brooks Garcia was born in Atlanta, attended The Lovett School and then the University of Georgia where he majored in Landscape Architecture. A member of the Historic Clarkesville Cemetery Preservation, Inc. board of directors, Garcia will channel his flair for the dramatic as he greets attendees of the History among the Hemlocks event. Bringing history to life at the Old Clarkesville Cemetery through this type of event, Garcia said, brings the community a taste of what has been a huge success for the Historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. Garcia served on the board at Oakland and as a gardener helping to plant and maintain the Victorian-style gardens there.

E. Lane Gresham – Miss Annie Sutton
E. Lane Gresham is a community storyteller, blending words and images to communicate her reflections. A member of the Historic Clarkesville Cemetery Preservation, Inc. board of directors, Gresham is ready to step out of the background and into the light to tell the story of Miss Annie Sutton, a society woman in 1920s Clarkesville. Previously, she’s appeared in two seasons of Headwaters, the story play staged at the Sautee-Nacoochee Community Center from 2009-2013. Most recently, she appeared in a Headwaters reunion concert this past summer. 

Wendy Jackson of Clarkesville – Mrs. Mary Parks Wyly
Wendy Jackson is a well-known education professional and less well known for her wicked sense of humor. She’s currently serving as the Director of Financial Aid and Middle School Admissions at Tallulah Falls School and formerly as the Executive Director of The Little School in Clarkesville. A recent empty nester, Jackson is saying ‘yes’ to new community projects. 

Jim Loring of Clayton – Col. Frederick Eugene Durbec
Jim Loring is British and moved to the United States in 2004. As a humanitarian photographer, he has completed more than 70 assignments worldwide, documenting the plight of those living on the edge of survival. He currently teaches photojournalism and a full range of courses at North Georgia Technical College. In addition to leading roles as biblical characters during vacation Bible school at Grace-Calvary Episcopal Church, he played the role of Mellersh in Enchanted April in 2005.

Randy Warren – Master Willis Millican
Randy Warren is an avid filmmaker and script writer who enjoys local theater. He works on YouTube series in his spare time. 

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